Are You Killing Your Trees With the Wrong Fertilizer?

Are You Killing Your Trees With the Wrong Fertilizer?

Tree Loving Care serving Midland, Lubbock & Wolfforth can find out

With countless products on the market and multiple application processes, it's easy to make your soil imbalanced. Trees are forest organisms and need organic matter. At Tree Loving Care, our fertilization program is focused on maintaining soil health. If the soil is healthy, roots will get what they need.

We use organic fertilizer that adds micro-organisms to keep the soil balanced. Give your trees a solid base to flourish by counting on Tree Loving Care, serving Midland and Wolfforth. Call 877-594-TREE (8733) today to schedule your appointment.

Get knowledgeable advice on the health of your trees

Tree Loving Care suggests fertilizing with calcium sulfate either once a year or semi-annually to lower the pH and remove salts from the soil. Our certified arborists have the skills to keep your soil consistently healthy.

Speak with the specialists at Tree Loving Care in Texas about our superior fertilization services today.