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Proper Tree Pruning

Proper pruning can increase the value and lifespan of your trees. One study shows that every dollar spent on proper pruning, gives you a return of $1.59 in increased value and benefits. Tree Loving Care provides this care with love. Our arborists love trees, continually increase their tree knowledge by attending seminars, workshops and with in-house training. The ANSI (American National Standards Institute) A300 describes various aspects of tree work, from pruning to line clearing. It uses descriptive terms such as 'crown raising' and 'crown cleaning' to describe certain results. Tree Loving Care adheres to these standards. Training trees should start when they are young. Trees are long lived organisms and the branching structure that is developed when the tree is young will be the branching structure the tree has when it is old. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove large branches from a tree, but it is far better to make small cuts rather than large ones. Branches that have a poor angle of attachment and co-dominant trunks don't grow together at the bottom of the angle, but instead, trap bark. This is a weak situation and these attachments often fail in high winds or ice conditions. When they fail, it is often with catastrophic resuls and almost always results in a very large wound. Remember, trees break at defects first.

Winter Pruning

Winter became the normal time to prune in the days of grand estates and resident gardeners. With little else to do, winter was reserved for pruning. There are advantages for pruning in the winter. The structure of the tree is more visible and defects are easier to see. Winter is the safest time to prune oaks to minimize sap beetles spreading the Oak Wilt fungus.

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