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Trees are the most important plant in any landscape and at Tree Loving Care, we love trees.  If you are planning your landscape, one of our Certified Arborists ( can advise you on the best trees for our area . If you have small young trees, TLC’s arborists will help you with training and nurturing them so that they will mature into long lasting beautiful assets in your landscape.  If you have large mature trees, the arborists at Tree Loving Care understand the unique needs and the care needed.

Tree Care Services By A Certified Arborist

Our Certified Arborists analysis your property, diagnosis any problems you might have and recommend a solution to problems, based on many years of working with the trees and shrubs in this area.  There is a minimal charge for an assessment of the health of your trees.  If you are out of our immediate service area, there is also a mileage charge to come to your site.  Tree loving Care loves trees.   We also love the people that love their trees.  If you want help with your trees or just want to learn more about them, our Certified Arborists  love to help.   All maintenance practices used by Tree Loving Care follow the ANSI Standards for the care of trees and shrubs.  We also follow the ANSI safety standards.

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Meet Our Arborists

James Tuttle was in the first group of arborists to test for cetification at the inception of the program, becoming one of the first Certified Arborists in the state of Texas.
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We our a full spectrum of advanced tree services, from simple maintenance to saving trees, our certified arborists have the necessary knowledge and resources to meet your needs.
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Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor by Tree Loving Care is a franchise of Christmas Décor, the world’s largest holiday decorating company.