Hire One Texas Company for All Your Tree Services

Hire One Texas Company for All Your Tree Services

Choose Tree Loving Care serving Midland, Lubbock and Wolfforth today

You don't have time to search for multiple specialists to manage the trees around your Texas home. Fortunately, Tree Loving Care offers complete maintenance and care assistance to Midland and Lubbock residents.

Count on Tree Loving Care for a variety of services, including:


Let our certified arborists advise you on ways to improve the poor soil around your Midland or Lubbock home.


When trees develop co-dominant trunks, Tree Loving Care can use the correct devices and techniques to add support to your tree.

Christmas light installation:

Make your holiday more festive by having Christmas Decor by Tree Loving Care design and install lights and other decor for your home. TLC designs and installs then maintains the display then takes it down and securely stores it until next yeas. You have no muss, no fuss.

Emergency services:

Have help whenever you need it by calling our certified arborists for emergency services.

Lightning protection:

Save your trees from damage during a storm by trusting Tree Loving Care to install a lightning protection system.


Don't make the mistake of putting mulch too close to the base of your tree when you can let our specialists tackle the job properly. Mulch retains moisture, moderates temperatures and returns nutrients to the soil while promoting microscopic organisms and other soil live and health. Healthy soils equals more healthy trees.

Root crown excavation:

Know if your trees have strangling roots or a canker-forming disease by hiring our certified arborists to use an air spade to blow soil away from the base of the tree and examine the roots.

Shrub shearing:

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property with shrub shearing services from the experienced, certified arborists at Tree Loving Care.

When you need superior services from experts you can trust, call 877-594-TREE (8733) for a consultation. Once you work with our specialists, you'll wonder why you didn't speak with us sooner!


CARE Always have a gorgeous space that increase your curb appeal by working with Tree Loving Care serving all of West Texas from offices in Lubbock and Midland. Tree Loving Care has been loving Texas trees for over 40 years.

Call Tree Loving Care at 877-594-TREE (8733) now to schedule an appointment.